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General Furry
Forum Rules
General Rules of the forum. please Read!
Introduce yourself! Let everyone get to know you!
General Furry Life
Talk about your daily furry activities here! Pretty much just general chat.
Furry Questions
You can make polls here, or ask other general questions about the furries here or the furry lifestyle.
Furries Role-Playing
You can play word games here, or make a thread of one that you would like to play! All must be interactive with other furs who would like to play.
General Role-Play
This is for more generic Role-Playing, no yiffy in here, keep it clean!
General Plushies
Talk about any regular plushies in here, no yiffy please.
General Art
Artist Sites
Go ahead and post the sites of artists, furry or non.
Looking for a piece?
Ask here for a specific piece of art, maybe because you saw one you liked but not sure what it's called?
Go ahead and submit any stories you have here that are furry related, or links to them (which would probably be better). yiffy or non stories accepted.
Furry Resources
Furry Events
got something going on in your area?
Talk about fursuits, advertise your own stuff, or maybe share some sites with fursuits?
Video Games
Talk about videogames! Movies, links, reviews. New, upcoming, or old titles!
Administrator and Moderator
Locked & Dead Threads
All Locked and Dead threads will be moved here, only kept for reference.
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